Thassos Extra (Snow White) Marble

Also called Extra White Marble, Snow White Marble and Pure White Marble, it is the best marble on the island and the whitest on earth. The marble is very pure in color (no veins or shadows) and very rare. It is the diamond of the white marble. Suitable for extremely luxurious constructions.

Thassos Classic Marble (A1)

One of the most used white marble. It has very light gray shadows, but still very white. Suitable for luxury constructions.

Thassos Red Line Marble (A4)

This marble has light red veins or dots and is suitable for budgets constructions.

Thassos Waterfall Marble (A2,A3)

Very nice white marble with gray crystals and shadows. Suitable for all constructions.

Thassos Crystalina Marble

Snow white background with transparent light gray to dark gray crystals. Very durable and suitable for floors and other commercial uses.

Crystallized White Stone

Made from marble powder and is especially processed. Extremely durable and can be as thin as 6 mm. Suitable for facades, custom made shapes, tiles and many other uses.

Thassos Commercial Marble

Marbles from all categories that did not pass the quality test. These marbles have small holes, scratches and other defects. Suitable for commercial use.